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2017 Official Results

Card #PlacedTotalTeamBib #Night MorningEveningSpecial
1365Team Pratt150 156 199409021025
220Ceezy Singles55 56 57101000
3150Northern Nomads166 4030505020
4130Niall & Ronan125 1950605020
5160Wherz Wally13 14 154060600
6307Donkey80 81 85 114 142 144 186 408017017
7140Iron Nobs177 22 23 2620201000
845The Lost Boys61 62 74020025
91402 up 2 down159 147 52 1484050500
1120Gone Flat124 123 02000
12460Connemara146 1104019020030
13120Donkey Bike27012000
14280Wicklow Warriors187 183 97 53209014030
1517030 31 32 3330 31 32 334013000
1621017 11 131 13217 11 131 1324090800
17340111 112 113Paul Obrien401801200
1890"Johnny Harry & Mick"8809000
1921528 39 168 3828 39 168 3840150025
20335Long way Doon165401809025
23210Off road Muck Savages04017000
243352 1/2171 1724013015015
2555Brunkard119 120 13505005
26359LT United117 136 1374019010029
27210Wheres Leery1604017000
28230Tadhg Mc Caulis040160030
29334Wheres Gerry354017010024
30330Offroad Mudslingers103 104 105 1064015011030
3118830 31 32 3330 31 32 3340130018
32190Eamon Pender951018000
34268Muppets on Motorbikes50401307028
35296Mike & the mechanics151 153 196 1974011012026
36340Paul O'Donnell163 77 75401809030
37130Gorgeous76 60 594060030
380Ronan 2108 1070000
39330Stag Ban7 77 163 75 8401809020
40115Richard Ryan127 702070025
41295Team Roy1904014010015
43197Half Witts9 640140017
44320Quattro Nationi12 18 82 18140190900
46254Mercenary45 42 174401702024

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2nd Oct 2017

3 Days to Go


22nd Sept 2017

Reminder to MCUI (Motorcycle Ireland) members, and members of affiliated clubs to bring your card along next weekend.
Weekend cards for non-members will be available at sign-in - 10€.

10 days to go. 

Map requirements have been emailed out to all registered entrants via Active.
Please check your emal !

On-Line Registration Now Closed

5th Sept 2017 

On-Line registration is now closed.

Only a matter of days now.

It’s been a busy summer and the crew have been busy plotting against you.
This year’s route in now complete and finishing touches are being applied.

All in all, things are shaping up make this yet another memorable event, with new route paths & obstacles, delicious catering from the good people of Galty Foods, goodie bags and all the usual madness.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the end of the month.

Stay safe and keep between the ditches.

Registration opens 1st June 

OK folks we have just put the finishing touches on the registration page.  Registration is set to open on the 1st June and will close on the 31st of August.  Places will be limited as usual and it is on a first come first served.  So get in early folks.  This year we are going back to basics, so it will be a traditional navigation rally, maps and waypoints. Entry is E65 plus E10 on the day to IMCC unless you are already a member an affiliated club with the MUI.  Proof will be required at check-in. 

Any questions you can email us at : or or messenger on FB and we will answer all queries as soon as possible. 

You can register using the book now button at the top of the page or follow the link below

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Doon in September. 



The Hellas Rally

I’m sure you will all join me in wishing 6 of our own the very best of luck as they set off on their first International Rally Raid.  That being The Hellas Rally, which takes place in Greece on the 21st -28th May.

The six amigos are :

David Rynhart No;  200.
David as you know is part of the Overlanders/Ami/ Touratech Ireland management team who give their unconditional support to our event every year. And for this we are truly grateful.  

Noel Donnelly No; 251.  
Noel has joined us for the last three years and really gets into the spirit of the Paddy. He is always there to help if needed.

Eric Dalton No; 301
Eric has been a familiar face at The Paddy Dakar for many years. Himself and Alvin Kelly were the first to cross the line on the 24hr raid last year and they did it within the 24hrs. But unfortunately first place eluded them.

Ronan Twomey No; 324   
Ronan too has been with us from the early days and has always given his utmost support to The Paddy.  He supplied  trophies last year.  Thanks for your support  Ronan.

Damien Fitzgerald No; 400 
Damien has also been a familiar face, he has been around for the past three years and has embraced the Paddy with open arms.

Massimo Coppola No; 800
Massimo has been with us from day one and without him there would have been a lot of hungry raiders roaming the hills around Doon in the early years.  And we are forever grateful for his continued support.

Gentlemen one and all and we are proud to count them as friends.  These men and their like and the spirit in them are what make The Paddy Dakar what it is.  
So God speed  you few, you happy few, you band of brothers.

Paddy Dakar 2017 Update 26/03/2017 - Paddy Dakar Donated €1500 To Doon Community Centre

Paddy Dakar Donates 


After the beans have been counted from last years event, we are delighted to have been able to present Doon Community Centre with a cheque for €1500.

And before you ask, the answer is No ,, The Community Centre wouldnt take the Bike as part payment ..

Thanks for all who took part in 2016 ,, and hope to see you all again in september.

Stay safe and keep between the ditches

Paddy Dakar 2017 Update 02/03/2017 - Dates Confirmed

The Paddy Dakar 2017 dates have now been confirmed.
Its the last weekend of September as usual. So September 28th- October 1st will see the 8th edition of the event.
Hope to see some new and familiar faces.

Event Feature list to follow.

All the best

Paddy Dakar 2017 Update 07/02/2017

2017 sees the Paddy Dakar in its 8th year. my my aren't we getting old.

Even throughout the winter months, the team have been busy getting the ball rolling for the 2017 event.

Setting a date will be the first order of business and once a date has been confirmed here we will post it on this news page and through Social media.


Paddy Dakar 2016 Update 01/09/2016


2016 sees the Paddy Dakar in its 7th year and growing.

Following on from 2015, this year sees all sorts of new and exciting ways to argue with trees and fall off of your bike in front of your friends.

We have introduced 2 new challenges in the form of 24 hour across Ireland stage , the usual morning until evening event as well as a 12 hour event.
The two new events will use road books, while the options of either Map or Road Book are available for the normal main event.

This year sees the return of the Doon Vintage Club joining us for the weekend  as well as the Kids Dakar, Rider Skills School, and much much more.

Camping is in the usual spot opposite the Doon Community Center,  please book ahead if you insist on camping in a Cow Pie Free environment, we would love to hear about it.

Fuel and Cashback are available in the village petrol station,  and this year we expect a visit from the Michelin Man with a bag full of stars for the grub that is organised.

More to follow, so check in again to the Paddy Dakar News and Social media.

Paddy Dakar 2016 On-Line Registration Open 29/05/2016


Limited Places. Let the fun begin. • On-Line registration Now Live • 2 options open to riders, Road Book or Map • Registration Instructions There are 2 options open to riders, Road Book or Map. After making your choice You will be prompted to provide your Email address & Tee shirt Size at which point we will ask you to hand over €60 or €65 depending on your choice of Road Book or Map. You be given a reference number which will be your Rider number - don't loose it. • Once confirmed, you will receive confirmation by email. To Get access to this marvel of technology • Navigate to the following the secure Link To Active Registrations • If you experience any difficulty email or send you comments on the back of €50 note. NOTE: Registration unaffected by changes on going changes to our web site. Thanks & Keep Between the Ditches Paddy Dakar