FAQ about the Paddy Dakar

What We Cant Answer, We Will Make Up

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my entry fee ?

Simply put, we spend it on you and what ois left over we give away.

For the most part, your fee covers the costs of putting on the event, Tee Shirts & Goodies, Petrol for the recci riders, who plot the course, Food, Lighting, Camping field , etc etc . What's left over we give away. Over the years quite a few quid has been raised with your help. Until last year 2015, various charities and needy causes were the recipeients, last year and this year 2106, all money left over will go directly to the Doon Community Centre.

Is There Free Camping ?

Yes. Camping is located opposite Doon Community Centre. and is included in your entry.

Will there be Cow shite in the camping field ?

Based on historical evidence, the answer, most likely is "Yes".
The Paddy Dakar & or its friends associates, supporters & farmer friends take no responsibility for the existence of Cow Shite in the camping field..
Should you encounter a cow shite, you are advised to avoid direct contact and provocation by simply walking around it.
Should you fall victim to cow shite and wish to make a complaint, you will need to contact the legal council for the bovine in in question.
Identifying the bovine culprit may prove difficult. However his task can be assisted by accessing the national Cow DNA database.
Please keep in mind that no animals were hurt in the creating of the afore mentioned Cow shite,

Can I Pay on the day ?

Sorry, but No. All Riders must be pre-registered On-Line

Do I need a driving license ?

Yes. All Riders MUST hold a valid license and insurance

Do I need insurance ?

Yes. All Riders MUST hold a valid License and insurance for the Motor Bike they use to take part in the event.

Can I ride The Paddy Dakar on a Moto-X bike ?

No. All machines must be taxed, insured road legal and road worthy

Is there B&B in the area ?

Yes, but not a lot, so book early, email us for details

Is there food available ?

Yes. Included in your entry fee, is breakfast on the morning of the event and BBQ after the event. We will have top notch on-site catering & in addition there is a great Chinese Take-Away in the Town, a Cafe in the petrol station, as well as bar snacks from the local hostelries, and some great Pub Meals near by. Tea and Coffee are available all weekend in the Doon Community Centre

Are hot showers available ?

Yes. Hot showers are provided in the Doon Community Centre

Is there an ATM in Doon ?

Sadly No. Cashback felicities are available in some of the local shops and bars, but best bring an emergency stash.

Where Can I get fuel ?

There is a well provided Petrol Station in Doon, that also has a Coffee bar and that serves food. You will also be passing Petrol stations during the event. Riders planning to take part in the night ride should ensure full tanks before setting out. Running Low on fuel at night on the side of a mountain can be somewhat annoying

Can I buy a coveted Paddy Dakar Tee Shirts ?

No, You must earn 'em.

Can I get a map of the route in advance

Nope, not a chance, don't even ask.

How much of the event is Off-Road

That would be an ecumenical matter as it depends on how you decide to get from point to point.

Is there an engine size restriction ?

No. engines of all types, CC, HP or KW are welcome