About The town Of Doon

52.604338N 8.248479W

Founded Circa 774

Situated south west of the Selive Feilim mountains & nestled between the borders of county Limerick & Tipperary, Doon and the surrounding area have become somewhat of an adventure bike mecca in the last number of years. (i wonder why).
With Rear Cross to the North, Hollyford to the East, Cappawhite to the south and Cappamore to the West, its location offers easy access to 100's kilometres of tertiary roads and rights of way which, on a taxed and licensed vehicle can be ridden on as public byway.
In Irish "Dún" anglicized as Doon, means fortification, with historical references dating back as far as the 8th century. To give Doon it's full name in our native language is Dún Bleisce, The word "Bleisce" having all sorts of implications. One theory is that Bleisc was "a woman of ill repute". Another is simply, that it is derived from the Irish word for small river or stream "fleisc", more likely but not half as much fun.
There are eight recorded ring forts in the surrounding area, and maybe one or two that are not.
The main such ring fort is located behind the a church outside the village.
During times of Famine and Penal Law under the British empire, Doon suffered. Testament to those who were affected can be easily found in the area.
The GAA (Gealic Athletic Association - Unique Irish Sports such as Hurling & Camogie) plays a big part of life in the area. Doon GAA club was founded in 1888 and has provided several players to the county (Limerick) and provincial (Munster) hurling squads. Over the years the GAA club in the village has been a great help with assisting in the organisation of the Paddy Dakar. The under-age GAA scene in Doon is thriving with primary and secondary school children devoting much of their free time to these games. And all involved with the Paddy Dakar thank the Doon GAA, most of whom freely give their time to the club. I hope this has enlightened you somewhat.